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As a cannabis and CBD marketing agency for nearly a decade, the C Word’s team is comprised of passionate professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge of the cannabis and CBD industries. As leading and experienced experts in this flourishing sector, we understand the challenges, pitfalls, and problems that cannabis and CBD brands encounter.

Our expertise and insight as a cannabis marketing company, have allowed us to support cannabis and CBD brands in accomplishing their goals through effective CBD marketing techniques.

We Are a UK cannabis & CBD Marketing AGENCY

We have a great team of professionals here at the C Word, but our secret weapon is our CEO, owner and founder, Louise. Louise has twenty years’ worth of experience in marketing and retail brand management, for some of the strongest and biggest high street brands in the UK. In 2010, Louise became a freelance marketing consultant, growing into a full-service marketing agency; gradually acquiring clients in the cannabis industry, and in a worldwide capacity. Working with cannabis companies throughout the UK, Europe, Canada, the USA, and Israel.

After accumulating significant experience and knowledge, Louise founded her own CBD company in 2015; trail-blazing the UK CBD industry, and as such was the first female-led CBD company in the UK, one of only three CBD companies at the time. This venture escalated rapidly and, within a short window of time, the company became a notable success.

During her journey, it became increasingly apparent to Louise that many emerging CBD companies would be struggling with marketing their business, and maneuvering through the considerable minefields of the industry. As an advocate in the benefits of cannabis, Louise realised that her marketing skills and cannabis industry experience could be of great benefit to newcomers to the cannabis industry and help contribute to the growth of the market. As such, she founded a cannabis and CBD marketing agency, the C Word in 2018, becoming one of a small number of firms in the United Kingdom offering their marketing services to the cannabis industry.

Some of our clients

CBD Marketing Agency, About Us, The C Word
CBD Marketing Agency, About Us, The C Word
CBD Marketing Agency, About Us, The C Word
CBD Marketing Agency, About Us, The C Word
CBD Marketing Agency, About Us, The C Word

If you are a CBD business, trying to navigate through the labyrinth of red tape and regulations surrounding this exciting industry, fret not – we are here for you!


Put simply, we have a working knowledge of your pain-points. Every one of them. 

Drawing on this working knowledge of the CBD and cannabis industry, the C Word works with prominent businesses and industry networks, to devise unique strategies and CBD marketing agency plans for clients. The insights we provide have helped a range of clients, from CBD companies to seed banks and commercial growers, boost their businesses. We’re probably the only cannabis marketing company you need by your side.

CBD Marketing Agency, About Us, The C Word
CBD Marketing Agency, About Us, The C Word
CBD Marketing Agency, About Us, The C Word

“Designing your product for monetization first, and people second will probably leave you with neither.” Michael Hyatt, virtual business mentor.

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