CBD Advertising Agency – 4 Reasons to Use One

If you’re in the CBD industry, you’ll already know that getting your message out is a challenge. By virtue of what you sell, many traditional channels are not available to you. And to make matters worse, most mainstream marketing professionals have no idea how to overcome the outreach problems you face. 

For these reasons, everyone in the industry should seriously consider hiring a specialist – a CBD advertising agency that understands your challenges inside out. Only then will you gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. 


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Why Should CBD Companies Employ An Industry Specialist?


Get Help Navigating Red Tape

The current legal classification of cannabidiol in the UK is not entirely clear. Some CBD-containing products come under the definition of “novel foods” – that is, any food not majorly consumed in the EU before 1997. Other products may come under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 if they also contain THC levels above the accepted threshold. 

Ideally, you want to be aware of these issues ahead of time so that you can avoid legal action. Thus, having a CBD advertising agency on your side can help you avoid nasty surprises. 

Avoid Penalties On Regular Marketing Channels

Advertising CBD products, unfortunately, also goes against Google’s ad policies. Cannabidiol is currently on the search giant’s list of unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements. The search giant will, therefore, usually take down any cannabidiol or hemp-related ads within a fortnight of posting them. What’s more, you could get your Facebook or Google accounts suspended unless you engage in careful planning. So, again, it makes sense to use a CBD marketing agency that knows what it is doing.

Maintain Credibility And Protect Against Unlawful Advertising

CBD advertising agencies can help you in a third way by maintaining your credibility and protecting against unlawful advertising. Mainstream marketing agencies won’t always know the type of marketing they can conduct without doing the proper research first. If they make a mistake because they are not aware of the product’s legal restrictions, it could lead to unlawful advertising charges and a loss of credibility for your business. 

The UK currently imposes a set of advertising restrictions on CBD brands. For instance, you can’t use certain “deceptive” words when advertising cannabidiol, including “relieves,” “repairs,” “stops,” “cures,” and many more. 

Enhance Your Outreach

Because it is challenging for CBD brands to get the message out via the traditional channels, their options are limited. Fortunately, advertising agencies typically have a network of media contacts they can use for press releases as well as agency deals with industry publications. These channels can then act as substitutes for the mainstream platforms closed off to most CBD companies, making it easier to get your message out and protecting your budget.

The C Word has more than ten years of experience working to promote brands in the worldwide cannabis industry. Our knowledge is second to none, allowing us to protect you from advertising risks and maximise your budget. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help. 

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