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    CBD PPC Advertising – Help!

    The CBD market has exploded over the last couple of years. New websites and brands are popping up all the time, retail stores are finding great success, and common perceptions are much warmer to products like CBD than the used to be.

    This level of competition is great for the market, but it can make life challenging for a seller, and it's just about impossible to remain a local company in the modern world. Instead, you need to market yourself much further.

    To give you a head start with this, this article is going to be exploring PPC for CBD – what is pay-per-click marketing and why you, a CBD company, should be using it.

    Let's get straight into it.

    CBD PPC Advertising, CBD PPC Advertising – Help!, The C Word

    What is PPC?

    PPC, or pay per click, is a type of digital marketing which is very commonly found around the web. Websites like Google, Facebook, and Instagram have their own systems for hosting these adverts, and have had a huge amount of success with them.

    Advertisers pay the advertising network to target the right users with them, on a bidding basis. Your bid price will be based on a combination of factors; primarily the number of advertisers bidding for the same spot, your budget and the quality of your website (bounce rate, page views etc.).

    PPC advertising can generate huge revenues, as long as you have a sound conversion strategy in place to support the campaign.

    Why is PPC for CBD So Hard?

    Using PPC to market CBD isn't as easy as other types of business, unfortunately. Not only do you have to deal with the growing competition and legal restrictions, you’ll also have to find platforms which will host your adverts; the likes of Google, Facebook, and Bing don't like high-risk products like CBD.

    There are a number of reasons for this. To start, adverts are placed alongside other people's content and websites, and they might not like sharing their space with a controversial product. These companies also don't advertise e-cigarettes, alcohol, or any other substance which can have an influence on your body. And, lastly, while they work hard to serve adverts in the right regions, they could get into a lot of trouble if someone stumbled upon a CBD ad in a country where this product is illegal.

    Thankfully, you don't have to rely on the major PPC companies to make a successful campaign. There are countless CBD marketers which use PPC to great success, and this is mostly down to the company you pick to help you out.



    PPC Networks You Can Use

    There aren't many PPC companies out there that are willing to host CBD adverts, and this means that you're going to have to do some research. The restricted nature of this market can serve to your benefit, though, as the companies doing this will usually have huge numbers of clients, giving them a lot of experience.

    Mantis Ads and Traffic Roots are good examples of PPC advertising for CBD networks. They offer many of the same options which come with Google's platform, while providing a more personal and friendly experience.

    CBD PPC Advertising, CBD PPC Advertising – Help!, The C Word
    CBD PPC Advertising, CBD PPC Advertising – Help!, The C Word

    Why Use PPC for CBD Businesses?

    PPC advertising enables you to target specific audiences with your products, ensuring that only those who would want to buy it are being shown what you have. Done right, PPC can have high conversion rates. You can measure the number of users you reach, along with their locations, demographic information, and a range of other useful details. Using this data, you can work to further improve your PPC marketing campaign. This all makes for a very clear way to market your product without too much stress.



    Things to Keep in Mind

    There are a number of things worth keeping in mind before you start using PPC advertising for CBD. This market can be complicated, and it can be all too easy to make mistakes which waste your money. You should always spend some time researching options like this before you buy into them.

    Campaign Goals:

    Having a campaign goal for your PPC advertising is crucial. You need to decide what you hope to gain from this, with a lot of companies choosing generate leads, sell products, or build brand awareness. Having a solid campaign goal will ensure that you always know whether or not you're on track.

    The Right Budget:

    Most companies will have to limit what they spend on something like PPC advertising, but you have to spend enough to get the right data out of it. Spending too little will result in a few of your adverts being seen by potential customers. Not only will this reduce their effectiveness, but it will also limit the information you get from them, making it hard to improve your PPC campaign in the future.

    Using Landing Pages:

    Landing pages have proven to be an excellent tool for marketers over the last few years. This is a place where you can send your PPC adverts to, with content and information which is designed to sell your products to your customers. This will usually be a single page which is heavy on imagery and graphical content.

    It's crucial that this page is well optimised for both SEO and loading times. This is particularly important on mobile devices, as these machines are being used by the majority of users, nowadays. Having speedy loading times and quality content can make your advertising cheaper with a lot of providers.

    Testing Your Ads:

    It can be hard to know how successful an advert is going to be until you've run it for a while, and a lot of people give up long before they have had a chance to see the benefits time can provide. You should A/B test your adverts, working to find the very best format, wording, and background settings to get them to as many people as possible.

    Along with testing ads to make sure that they are successful, it's also worth testing your contact forms, landing pages, and other lead generation tools to make sure that they're working properly. It can be very frustrating when you find out something is broken after spending money on PPC adverts.

    Tracking Your Ads:

    Google Analytics is a tool which is designed to test and track adverts and web pages to make sure that you get accurate conversion information from them. Metrics like impressions, clicks, average position, conversion rate can all give you a clear picture of how successful your adverts are. As you test your campaign, you can use information like this to make sure that you're improving as much as possible. Just make sure you have set up your ecommerce and conversion tracking in your Google Analytics account.

    Using An Agency:

    While you will have to pay more to work with an agency than seeking out your own advertising opportunities, it's always worth working with experts. Not only will they already have a good idea of what needs to go into your campaign, but they will also have countless years of experience, enabling them to squeeze as much as possible out of your PPC spend. It can be easy to waste money on PPC campaigns if they are not done right.

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